Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Renaissance Man

Sometime this coming October will be the 8th Anniversary of when I met Pat Rock. In the snack bar at our alma mater, we met, mostly because Nathan wanted to hang out with Sarah Moreton. It wasn't long before we were discussing our favorite book over pizza (along with our friends), and it was, finally, a couple of years later that we got around to actually acknowledging that our mutual interest might be worth pursuing.

What I liked then about him and continue to love now is what an interesting person he was. Willing to try anything...a man with depth, interest, and a true spirit of experimentation.

In honor of his 31st birthday, which is today, I present 31 different things that Pat Rock is.

1. Husband
2. Father
3. Cartoonist
4. Woodworker
5. Son
6. Juggler
7. Clown
8. Blogger
9. Potter
10. Theologian
11. Reader
12. Brother
13. Uncle
14. Chef
15. Sports Fan
16. Gay
17. Cat Lover
18. Democrat
19. Geek
20. Music Enthusiast
21. Protestor
22. Restaurant Critic
23. Gamer
24. Hypochondriac
25. Lactose Intolerant
26. Radical
27. Hippy
28. Pervert
29. DIY
30. Skinny White boy from Kentucky
31. Bad Ass Mother F***er

Happy Birthday to the most interesting person I know!

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