Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If I See You Once, I'll See You a Thousand Times

This is what happens. I'll see someone, a stranger, out in public somewhere...the grocery, hardware store, or a restaurant. Something about that person might catch my attention. Their hair, their clothing, or their overall persona. My husband will attest for (and complain about) the fact that I am a certified "gawker". So if someone catches my eye, for whatever reason, I am likely to look at them again (and again and again until they give me a dirty look). And I have a good memory, so if I look at you twice it's likely I'll remember your face, at least for the short term.

Here's the weird part. More times than one (I can think of at least 5 examples), these people, these total strangers, I happen to "look" at in random public places resurface in my life several times within the next few days. For example, one Saturday morning, on our way to the zoo, we stop for bagels. While I'm sitting there, waiting for our order, I notice this couple and their teenaged daughter eating together. The husband stood out because of his slightly too short shorts and afro like curly hair. I remember thinking, "That dude misses the 70's." I get my bagels and don't give them a second thought. Several hours later, we're on our way home from the zoo, and feeling particularly indulgent, we stop at an old-timey root beer stand for lunch that was several miles from our home. Sitting at the table next to us is the very same afro-coifed man along with his wife and daughter. Spoooky! I almost wanted to ask him where they planned to eat dinner, and if they just wanted to save us 3 extra seats.

Yesterday, I'm scurrying about the grocery store, and I keep bumping into the same young college age man. We must have been shopping in circles tangent to each other or something. We made eye contact a couple of times, laughed once about our continual bumping into each other, but exchanged no conversation. I remember him because of his kind of awkward attempt at being emo hippy college student, yet not quite pulling it off somehow. Segue to this morning, when I stop at this little custard stand that also sells good black coffee for cheap in the mornings. I pull up to the drive-thru window, only to discover the SAME GUY FROM THE GROCERY waiting there with my hot coffee in his hand. He must have remembered my face too, because we both giggle awkwardly as we exchanged money and beverage. Were I single and this guy actually cute, I think I might have asked for his number right there because its obviously God's will for he and I to be together. ha!

I don't know if this phenomena of mine is unique to me, or more one of those "If you hang the towels on the clothes line, it will rain" kind of things?? Anyone??

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