Monday, February 05, 2007


Surely I've bellyached enough about my teams of choice never winning the appropriate "Big Game" enough for you all to know that I am soaring high in the heartland this morning. I'm so happy, that I'm only marginally pissed that its 5 below outside, and normally I take this kind of abominable weather very, very personally. Who knew it could feel so good to live in Indianapolis?

I will not wax on about the game itself, only pausing briefly to offer my MVP awards to my favorite pair of running backs, Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. And perhaps an honorary MVP award could be offered to Rex Grossman for such abhorrent offense on behalf of the Bears. They couldn't have done it without you, buddy.

But to make sure I stayed suitably grounded in reality this morning, our daughter woke up at her usual hour (in spite of going to bed 2.5 hours late) with snot and drool pooling down the front of her PJ's (2 year molar #3), and an insistence that she and I spend EVERY MOMENT of the morning together. The first hour of making beaded name bracelets for every female we know was endurable, but she must've noted I was enjoying it too much because she pulled out this treasure for some pre-lunch reading time:

"Mommy, what's 'forfeit'?
"Its what your father and I did with all of our personal freedom when you were born?"
"Oh sorry! Its what it looked like Rex Grossman did in the second half of last night's game."
"Oh, okay!"

What exactly are "Song's from God's Garden"? Apparently, they rock out old school in the garden of God with familiar favorites such as: Rise and Shine (give God the glory, glory), What a Friend We Have in Jesus, I Love to Tell the Story, How Sweet the Name of Jesus, and, of course, closing it out with O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. And its not just the lyrics. There is a button along the right side of the book to press for each page that plays the song for you as you sing.

Thank you dear, sweet staunchly traditional Nazarene Great-Grandma Phyllis for adding this treasure to our child's library.

I hate to say it, but "Songs from God's Garden" is a post-game buzz-kill, but its not too hard to kill a buzz when all you could drink during the game was...

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