Friday, July 13, 2007

29 Things I Did on My 29th Birthday

1. Got a phone call from both of my parents before I had even made any coffee.
2. My mom sang her own original birthday song that she sings every year which includes saying "Birfday" and lyrics like "...and you're gonna have a parteeeeeee!"
3. Got a shiny Mylar butterfly balloon from my sister.
4. And also a Best Buy gift card because she didn't know which game to get for my Nintendo DS
5. She also gave me a plate full of cookies
6. Hung out all morning with a 10 year old and 3 year old
7. Had mature conversations with 10 year old about what kinds of middle names go with the first name "Will" (likely the name for her brother-to-be) -- you know like "Will Call" ..."Will E." ..."Will Ted"..."Will Yum"....etc, etc.
8. Called my 11 year old nephew specifically to discuss video games. Talked at length about my choices.
9. Ate several cookies before noon
10. Went to lunch at 11 am at a pizza place that serves your drinks via a little train and has TV's/Video Games in each booth
11. Watched the Disney Channel while eating cheese pizza
12. Had honest conversation about the true identity of Hannah Montana, and what it must be like to have your dad be the one who originally sang "Achy Breaky Heart."
13. Went to work, took my niece, and watched a made for the Disney Channel movie while the kids napped
14. Justin Timberlake was in the movie -- back when he had afro-curls
15. After work, went directly to Best Buy to get new games for our Nintendo DS's. I got Tetris (because my nephew told me it was phenomenal), and I bought a Kirby game for my niece to help her pass the time before her new brother arrives today.
16. Came home and had "Craft Time" with aforementioned 10 year old and 3 year old
17. Took pictures of myself in a mirror
18. Opened birthday cards from the mail, looking first to see if a check or cash fell out before I actually saw who the card was from.
19. Had a Pizza/Pool birthday party at my mom's house
20. Complete with a Mickey Mouse Balloon, Sesame Street Balloon, as well as one with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. (Something tells me she didn't have me in mind when purchasing these balloons.)
21. Had a "Cookie Cake" which my mom lovingly decorated with Sixlets
22. Argued at length with my brother if me taking an extra couple of seconds to blow out the 9 candles on my cake (we tend to skip the tens place of our ages once we reach a certain age) was sissy even though I had still had extinguished all of the candles in one breath.
23. Was surprised that no one had put those trick, relighting candles on the cake -- as they often do. (Which never ceases to make us laugh, in spite of how many times we've done it to each other.)
24. Received a birthday card with a large dill pickle on the front -- from my husband. (And it wasn't even suggestive)
25. Along with a portable speaker for my Ipod, received a Nerd Rope, box of fruit Mentos, and orange flavored TicTacs from my brother/sister-in-law
26. Wished I was allowed to drink a beer.
27. Was in bed by 10 pm
28. But stayed up later, playing Tetris.
29. And realized that I had enjoyed my birthday, in spite of celebrating it like any average 12 year old.

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