Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not Sure What to Call It

So do you think its good or bad luck to check into the hospital to have your labor induced on Friday the 13th, only to be sent home several hours later because the drugs did not work and the doctor wanted to wait the weekend out before trying again? On one hand, the kid wasn't born on the fated day of doom, on the other hand, my sister was well beyond pissed that no one had told her that this process had the potential to be ineffective. And when my sister is pissed, its bad luck for everyone.

So no baby pictures to post of my nephew yet, but the doctor promises that he'll be here on Monday, one way or another. My sister and I have the same doctor, and after getting word that they were sending her home for the weekend, it finally all made sense to me. I have an office visit at 9 am on Monday morning. These visits are often lengthened by the fact that you have to wait on the doctor because she's consulting with nurses via phone about other women in labor or sometimes you have to see another doctor altogether because our own OB has to rush off to deliver a baby. Any woman who has ever been this close to their due date knows how much you look forward to these visits, in hopes the doctor will have grand news of centimeters and percentages. My sister, who will be admitted again on Sunday night, is just trying to insure that I sit in that office all morning long. Why that dirty, little....

In totally unrelated news, and also to affirm how dumb I am...

A couple of days ago, I phoned my father-in-law to discuss some tomato issues I'm having in our garden, then told him about my mutant well over 5 foot pepper plant that was competing to outgrow the monstrous sunflower Ella planted. A 5 foot pepper plant? Who has heard of such wonders? The paper should be called. Photos should be taken. These wacky gardeners should be documented.

My mom stopped by today to show off her attempt at a mid-life crisis...a sporty 2 seater convertible to tour the country side in. While here, she admired our explosion of tomatoes, and she casually asked why we were growing a rag weed. A rag weed? We have no such thing, but have you seen our mutant pepper plant? Its not a weed -- see, there are peppers coming in down here at the bottom. Oh, but right beside that little 2 foot pepper plant is the hearty stalk of one helluva a rag weed plant that I've been faithfully watering for weeks now. 1 minute later, she removed most of the rag weed plant (to which I am quite allergic), and our garden is now free of its freak show.

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