Thursday, August 30, 2007

And You'll Wonder Why I'm Crazy

Pat and I are wading through some of our most difficult parenting issues to date. Our daughter, a generally sweet and amiable child, is trying out some new behaviors that leave us a bit befuddled. We, as young parents are prone to do, turn to our own mothers for advice and support. Their response?

A. "I just don't believe that sweet little cherub could act that way. She never acts that way for me.
B. "I don't know what to tell you -- You certainly never acted that way as a child. You were perfect."

Of course, to that, we cry "Bullshit" -- we know how ornery and deviant we are as adults. Jerks like us have always been jerks. We were not well behaved 3 years olds, we threw fits, and we embarrassed our mothers in public. This what we tell ourselves, or otherwise succumb to the notion that our parents were better at this than we are. Perish the thought!


And tonight at the library, someone took the books I had picked out while I was in the bathroom. Good fiction is all I have to get me through those 3 am feedings. Why must you take that from me?

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