Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's sort of entertaining to see the toys of the 80's, the decade of my childhood, coming back into vogue. Our daughter has a Care Bear, Strawberry Shortcake books on her shelf, envies her best friend's light up Hello Kitty shirt, and was, just tonight, crying because she could not find her My Little Pony underwear. I'm sure they archived all of these characters when my generation out grew them 20 years ago, with the intention of resurrecting them now, when we're old enough to want to buy the same toys we had for our own kids. Luckily I'm too cheap to buy most of it, but they've wooed my mom with their marketing to the nostalgic. Although, if malls ever started reopening Sanrio stores, my sister and I would likely be their first customers. We thought they had the best candy and the coolest pens. Hello Kitty doesn't quite seem the same when you can get her at Target or even McDonalds.

Just as 80's toys are making a come back, it seems that some of the 90's icons are back in the lime light as well. With the news full of Hillary and OJ, it kind of feels like we've slid right back to 1995. We even still have a George Bush led war in Iraq. It all feels so familiar.

Any 80's toys that you're still hoping they disentomb? It would not surprise me to see He-Man or Rainbow Brite, but, really, wouldn't you rather see Jem or perhaps the highly under-rated Monchichis?

And what about 90's icons? I can't say that I miss Beavis, Butthead, or even Tupac. And, while I certainly don't miss grunge music, the associated flannel shirt will always hold a special place in my heart.

I didn't live long enough in the 70's to have any memories, but I'm quite certain that my mom is convinced that they're going to get over this "Back to Sleep" business and start putting babies back on their stomachs in bed any day now. Convincing evidence of less cases of SIDs be damned.

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