Friday, September 14, 2007

Maternity Leave

Six weeks have passed, which means, with this country's abysmal maternity/paternity policies, its time to go back to work. Minus the part where I no longer have any employment to return to. I haven't worked for at least 10 weeks now, and I won't likely work again until next August. Just these 10 weeks are the longest I've gone without some sort of job since I was a freshman in high school. If I lived in Canada, a nice mounty would deliver me a check (or "cheque" in their case) for the next 35 weeks, just to show their gratitude for adding such a fine young lad to their population. Yeah, nationalized health care...what a bitch! According to this article, its not just Canada we lag behind in matters of maternity leaves. Our policies are comparable only to those of Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland. In matters like this, I often question if the feminist movement took a wrong turn somewhere.

Although I'm taking a break from employment, my classes are still in session for one last semester. I start back tomorrow. So in the absence of paychecks, I guess I'll just have to get by like any other self-respecting college student. I hope my family doesn't mind Ramen and canned beer.

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