Friday, October 12, 2007

As The Story Goes

E has been spinning a similar story each day for several weeks now. The details vary but the formula is always the same. She's the mom (specifically ME) and I'm the kid (specifically HER) and we venture back in time when she was in charge and I am the subordinate. The story always starts like this...

"When you was a little girl, and I was big, I used to..." the car and you had to ride in the car seat." you two stories for bed, then you would ask for more stories."
...make cookies, and you would stick your hand in the dough even though I told you not to."
...take care of Bucky and you wouldn't take a nap."
...I went to a restaurant, and you asked for chocolate milk...but I said NO!"

In her stories, I (as the little girl) read the same books, wear the same clothes, and play the same games as she does currently. I'm sure a psychologist could have a field day with this, but, for us, its mostly just entertaining.

Most recently in her tales, as the little girl, I had to go to the daycare my friend runs out of her home that I've left her at a hand full of times. While I was there, she went to school to be the teacher, and there all of the kids loved her and drew her pictures. "All of them drew me pictures mama, not just one like you got from that boy." Apparently her life is just like mine, only she's a little better at it. Figures!

My favorite part of each story might possibly be that, regardless of the details of each these stories, almost inevitably, at some point, she's going to mention that she (the mom) and me (the little girl) played croquet!

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