Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wit for Wit

"Eat your dinner or there will be no dessert."
"Well, I don't really need dessert. I might get cavities."

"Eat your (damn) dinner or you'll have to sit in time out"
(Threatening your kid so she'll eat, the hallmark of great parenting!)
"Okay, I'll sit in time out."

"If you don't put those toys away, I'm just going to throw them away."
"It's okay, I don't play with them anymore. Just throw them away."

Its really irritating when a three year old can call your bluff.

To everyone thinking "Well, she's not posting because she just had a baby." ...its far from the truth. I'm sure I'll take this back soon enough, but I swear, he's the easy one. Trying to outwit a verbally proficient three year old is what makes me crawl into bed each night just hoping that tomorrow doesn't come too quickly. She's delightful, polite, and reasonably well behaved. She's truly everything I could have considered I'd want my own daughter to be. (Minus the part where she views food as her mortal enemy.) But keeping a step ahead of her is the most demanding job I've ever had. Regular posting might soon as she starts kindergarten.

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