Friday, August 08, 2008

Not to Make a Big Deal

He said he was glad that today is my mom's 50th Birthday. Maybe people would just forget that it was his birthday too. That it could just slip quietly by with maybe a small gift and a phone call from his mother. He doesn't really like his birthday. Doesn't care about birthdays in general. Is just too damn cool to give a shit, you know?

But, for real, who really wants people to ignore their birthday? He's just saying that, right? So I started thinking about how to celebrate, how to recognize his special day. He's a great guy, right? Well, he's ridiculously smart, and that's so annoying because he's so very often right and, worst of all, he knows it. He just knows stuff. Go ahead, pick a topic, any topic. He knows about it. He's read about it. He's on the verge of being an expert. But he's still pretty cool, minus the part where he's absurdly artistic and creative and can just make crap, crap that looks totally good, effortlessly. One of those "More talent in his pinky than I have sum total" types, but that's easy to overlook, I suppose. I mean, he's just really super. The kids adore him, and rightfully so, he's a fantastic father. They both kind of start hyperventilating when he walks in the door every night, just totally overwhelmed by their excitement to see him. I'm pretty much chopped liver when he's around, but really, its fine. More time to myself, right? He looks pretty good too. You know, one those types who look better with age, even if he puts on a few pounds or starts to get a splash of grey hair. He's all with the 5 minute shower, swipe of deodarant, and a clean shirt and looking good for the town. And I'm all "Oh, well, I'm going to need another hour to look that good." And sometimes he cooks or cleans or just says random things like "No, seriously, go ahead, sleep in this morning. I'll get up with the kids." or "Why don't you go take a nap?" Or "No, no, I'll do my own laundry." My friends say, "Oh, what a nice husband. You're so lucky..." Yeah, sure, lucky!

So...Happy 33 Birthday Pat! You're the love of my life. And I hate you!

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