Monday, July 11, 2011

Not A Blog Post

I long ago abandoned blogging, without regret. But today, and, hopefully, for the next 30 days -- this space can be a place to archive my attempts at mimicking this project. I don't necessarily need anyone to read about it, but I want a place to write it all down to make sure I do it. I'm not much to post stuff on Facebook and something about just writing it all down in a Word document or a journal seems a little lack luster. I guess the internet has ruined me.

I see long term "projects" all over the internet all the time. I typically think "Hmm...good idea." then quickly click exit. This particular project caught my eye because, really, who doesn't like to have fun -- particularly 30 days worth of it? It also coincided perfectly with my miniature panic attack I had this morning when I realized I only had 30 days left before my students return to school. Which also means only 30 more days until Ella and Conrad return to school as well.
For me, that's 30 days to finish moving out of my old classroom, set-up my new classroom, not to mention all of the things I intend to complete here at this new house we moved into 6 or 7 weeks ago. These kinds of things tend to weigh on my mind until they are completed, but, meanwhile, I don't want my "work" to rob me of my favorite days of the year-- summer break -- the days I get to be at home, mostly schedule free, hanging out with the kids and venturing to our favorite summer time spots.

It also helped that I had a fair amount of "fun" today before I even read about the project, so I can retroactively count Day 1 a success. Plus, I have a few more fun things already planned for the rest of the week, so its kind of like I have a head start. I know, I know...cheaters never win. But, really, they often do.

So...Day 1....
My nephew was with us today, which isn't typical. I knew I wanted to get everyone up and out before the heat really set in (Hello 100 degree weather!), so I jumped at Ella's suggestion of the Zoo. A relatively easy place to take three kids, plus the spray park at the end would be a bonus considering the weather. I, myself, am not a huge zoo person, but I don't mind going with the kids. Plus there is always the off chance the bears will be wrestling, a male lion will be trying to flirt with an unyielding female, or the baboons will be fighting; I do love some good animal humor. The real "fun" was that Conrad, my son for whom almost every public place can be a behavioral challenge was reasonably pleasant. He sat through the dolphin show with relative ease, asked me to carry him hardly at all, and for part of the time I didn't even have to hold his hand to keep him close. For him, this is progress. Conrad enjoying himself is always "fun" in my book.

(Apparently smiling for pictures isn't cool when you're nearly 4 year old boys...)

Add to that a quick trip to the super nice, clean indoor playground at a local church so the kids could play while Pat and I read this evening -- just started this book tonight and I really like it so far. Then I made these crackers when we got home to go with cheese, berries, and "red beers" ( a lager, bloody mary mix, hot sauce) -- the only late evening dinner that sounded good on such a hot night. Super delicious.

So there -- happy kids, a good book, and a new recipe -- this project should be easy if that's all it takes to warrant a "fun day".

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